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  Bounce Smart of Oklahoma is growing! We are the largest party supply company in Okmulgee County. We have the largest selection of inflatables in over 40 miles with nearly  60 inflatable options available 7 days a week at our facility in Downtown Okmulgee. Here you’ll find a great selection of fun inflatable Water Slides, Slip n Slides, Interactives, Obstacle Courses, Bounce Houses, Combo's, and many other party supplies for all occasions. Bounce Smart LLC is a family owned and operated party rental business, licensed, insured and inspected by the Oklahoma Department of Labor.(ITS THE LAW).

 Our services don’t just stop at Birthday Parties. We are more than happy to serve as your Party Rental Company for just about anything Residential, Schools, Churches, Parks, Corporate Events, City Events, Baby Showers and etc. If we didn’t cover your type of party event please feel free to give us a call or message us on our Contact Us form. We will promptly respond with any necessary feedback and if you need any expertise when it comes to setting up in uncommon places we can help to make sure you will have everything you need. For example, you may be setting up at a park that doesn’t supply electricity, so you may need to rent a generator or use one of your own 

Delivery Area

Tulsa Area

 We deliver to the following areas. Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Sapulpa, and even as far as Bristow.

Okmulgee Area

We deliver to the following areas. Okmulgee, Weleetka, Henryetta, Dustin, Council Hill, Beggs, Mounds, Glenpool etc.

Eufaula Area

We deliver to the following areas. Eufaula, Longtown, Texanna, Stidham, Checotah, Warner, Webbers Falls.


We deliver to the following areas. Whitefield, Kinta, Quinton, Enterprise, Keota, Porum.

OKC Area

We deliver to OKC, Edmond, Moore etc. Delivery fee's apply. For Saturday Deliveries we usually deliver on Friday and pick up on Sunday

Muskogee Area

 We deliver to the following areas. Muskogee, Haskell, Coweta etc.

24 HR Rentals


  ALL of our rental prices are for "up to 24 HOURS" No 2-5 hour rentals, with up charges after, like other companies. Only need it 4 hours? No problem!​  

Generate excitement


 Corporate Events to Town Festivals or your 1st backyard birthday party, we have the equipment to make your event a success. 

All Kinds of Occasions


  Want to have fun all weekend? Pick it up at our shop, or we can deliver, on Friday or Saturday. Keep the item until Sunday night or Monday morning for 1.5x a daily rental rate.  

Bounce Houses


 We have a bounce houses suitable for every occasion, with sizes ranging from 9'x9' up to 20'x20'  



Slides are always fun, but adding water makes it even better. Bring the water park to you. Slides from 11 feet to 22 feet. Bigger Slides are on the way! 



Is it a bounce house? Is it a slide? It's both!!  

​Want to add water for some extreme summer fun??

Slip n Slides


 Wet fun on a budget! Our Slip n Slides range from 27 feet to 31 feet. 



Challenge yourself and each other on our inflatable obstacle courses. Bounce, bump, climb, crawl, and slide your way to victory.

Pink & Purple Combos!


 Is it a bounce house? Is it a slide? It's both and its PINK!  We have many pink and purple items to choose from.



 On a hot summers day everyone needs to keep things cool.  Why buy a $100-$400 cooler when you can rent one! 



 We have black linens for rectangle and round tables. 

Pro Audio


 We have JBL Pro Audio from 160 watt systems to over 4,000 watt PA systems .

Portable Power


 Need portable power? We have you covered on the ICY days or for that backyard fun. 

Shave Ice Packages


 We have shave ice packages available for all size groups and events. 

Tables and Chairs


 We have tables and chairs for your party or event! 

Bahama Bens


 Bahama Ben's is in its second year with multiple stand locations and we stock a FULL LINE of snow cone flavors and supplies at the Okmulgee warehouse. 

Snowie Rentals


We have Snowie 1000's available for rent not just Inflatables!

Stand Supplies


 If you are starting a new snow cone stand or in a bind for a flavor that you just ran out of. We will stock it for you. We also will deliver. 

The Shak


 We have Sno Shak's located in Morris and Okmulgee with 3 more locations to be added by 2019.



 Snow Cone Event Catering!

Now thats just fun :)

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We  deliver to Muskogee, Ft Gibson, Tahlequah, Braggs, Gore, Warner,  Wagoner, Okay, Oktaha, Haskell, Porter, Stigler, Eufaula, Checotah,  Coweta, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Collinsville, Owasso, Sapulpa, Jenks,  Bixby, Beggs, & Pryor.