Is there a deposit or cleaning up charge?

 $50 non-refundable deposit required at time of booking. Deposits are applied towards the balance due. Deposit must be paid with credit card, or in person at our office in Historic Downtown Okmulgee. Remaining balance will be due at time of delivery or time of customer pick up. We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, & Discover. Checks are accepted and are mobile deposited on site! 

No! As long as it is general cleaning, we will do it. If excessive cleaning is needed there will be a minimum of $50 fee charged to the card on file. Excessive cleaning includes spilled food, candy, drinks or any other bodily fluids or substances. 



If I have to cancel what happens?

It happens and is not the end of the world. We will hold any amount paid as a credit on your account for 1 year. You are welcome to use your credit at anytime.

How far in advance do I need to order?

You can order at any time, but the availability will also be last minute. My advice would be to order as soon as you decide you want to get the inflatable.

When can we rent water inflatables?

All water inflatables are available to rent from May 1st to October 1st. If it is forecast to be 75 degrees or above before or after the above dates, we could make an exception.

When Can I pick up and return my inflatable?

On the weekends 6:30-8am at our office unless other arrangements have been made.

For returns 7-8pm.

Do you deliver & setup?

Yes! We deliver and set-up of our inflatable rentals. Depending on how many inflatables you are renting for your event, we will setup at least 30 minutes prior to your party. During setup we will inspect the unit for safety and ensure the cleanliness of each unit. When the party is over, we will come back and pick the unit up.


Is there a delivery charge and set up?

Set up fee's only apply to situations that aren't on a grass surface. The state of Oklahoma requires us to use 70-150lbs per anchor point if not properly staked down. This can create a lot of extra work when we set up on concrete etc. So "sometimes" would be the best answer :)

Delivery fee's do apply sometimes. The farther you live from our warehouse, or the location of your event is not in our regular routes fee can apply.

Is there a pick up charge?

If you elect to have your items delivered the pick up charge is included in any delivery charges. Some folks choose to pick up their item and have use come pick it up reducing their fee's.

Can I pick the unit up and what are my responsibilities during the party?


You must follow the agreement, safety,and operating guidelines. A responsible adult has be present at all times the unit is in use. This person must know the safety and operating procedures and must enforce them at all times.

What should we do to get ready for our inflatable rental?

  1. Make sure you have a plug in within 100 feet of where you want your inflatable if not we have large gauge extension cords for extra $5.00. 
  2. Make sure there aren’t any power lines above your set up location. 
  3. Make sure ground is free of debris, animal waste, and water. 
  4. Please measure the area to make sure you have enough clearance for inflatable.  

How long can I keep the inflatable?

Our rentals are each day. after the first day, we cut the rental price by 1/2

What is y our weather policy?

High winds, precipitation, thunderstorms, and cold temperatures pose hazards for the safe operation of our inflatables. The following conditions allow for a “Rain Check” that must be used within 1 year from calendar date.

  • Temperatures under 40 degrees F°
  • Steady Rain is expected all day
  • Local weather is forecasted at 70% or higher
  • Inclement weather already exists in your area at the time of your event